Remembrance Tree Program


The City of Temecula’s “Remembrance Tree Program” offers residents a unique opportunity to honor a loved one by donating a tree to a City park. Remembrance trees are a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one, celebrate a special occasion, or simply contribute to the City’s urban forest.

Remembrance Tree Program Options

Option 1— New Tree Planting with Memorial Paver:
A new tree will be planted in memory of your loved one and an engraved paver will be placed at the base of the tree ($255.00).

Option 2— New Tree Planting:
A new tree will be planted in memory of your loved one without a memorial paver ($180.00).

Option 3— Adopt an existing Tree with Engraved Paver:
Adopt an existing tree and purchase an engraved paver to be placed at the base of the tree ($125.00).

Option 4 - Donate to the Program:
Donate to the Remembrance Tree Program ($50.00).

General Guidelines:

  • Trees are planted twice a year (spring and fall). Spring orders must be submitted for approval by March 15th and Fall orders by September 15th.
  • Participants shall select the tree from the approved list below.  The trees are approximately 2-2 ½ inches in caliper and 5-6 feet tall.  The City will provide and install the selected tree.  (Payment must be received prior to ordering tree and materials. The cost of the tree is $180.00 each.)
  • Approved Tree List:
  • Participants can choose any City owned park for consideration of planting the remembrance tree. The City will try to plant trees at your desired park location, but it is ultimately at the discretion of the City. The exact location of a tree within your selected park will be determined by the City of Temecula Public Works Department.
  • After the tree has been planted, a certificate and a map showing the approximate location of the tree will be provided to the participant.
  • Public Works staff support will consist of acquiring tree, installing the tree and installing the plaque.  All other event coordination will be the responsibility of the participant.
  • The City will use due diligence to promote the health and vigor of the tree.  The City cannot guarantee the longevity of the tree or plaque.
  • Remembrance Trees have a 5 year replacement guarantee. If a tree should die within 5 years of its original planting, a replacement will be planted during the next available planting season.
  • Remembrance Trees are guaranteed for 5 years with the following stipulations: a replaced tree may not be the same size as the original tree or the same species and may be moved to a different location if this is deemed appropriate to increase the survivability of the tree and/or is in the best interest of the City.
  • The placement of objects in, on or adjacent to the Remembrance Trees other than the plaque is prohibited. Unauthorized items and materials are subject to removal by City of Temecula staff.
  • The City reserves the right, at its sole option, to remove, relocate, and or re-plant the Remembrance Tree.   

Benefits of the Remembrance Tree Program

  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Provide natural habitat for wildlife
  • Ease noise pollution
  • Supply shade and reduce UV-B exposure
  • Improve quality of life
  • Beautify City property

Fill Out Application

*Payment not due until application has been approved. Once approved you will receive an email with next steps.

If you have questions, please contact the program coordinator at

Payment can be made to the City Cashier and checks shall be payable to City of Temecula:

City of Temecula
Department of Public Works
41000 Main St.
Temecula, CA 92590