Grow Temecula Valley

The GROW Temecula Valley Mission

GROW Temecula Valley is an initiative dedicated to generating awareness, education and engagement around the value of local agriculture and its economic benefits.  It aims to connect citizens, businesses and growers in a local food chain, inspiring new habits to source local food first.

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How does GROW Temecula Valley define “local”?

Grow Temecula Valley has been faced with the question, “what is the definition of ‘local’ food?”  - It’s a great question and one that locavores everywhere struggle to answer.  In broad terms, there are many food-centric organizations and entities struggling to answer this question. 

Is local something defined by air-miles? By miles traveled? By city borders?  By fair trade terms?  …all of these are relative parameters, but they all answer the same question differently.

For the sake of Grow Temecula Valley, we aren’t aspiring to answer this question definitively for all. It’s a question that has many answers (most of them good). For now, we want to look at “local” in terms of who is a stakeholder in our community. This transcends City borders. It involves our neighboring cities within the county; and even some immediate neighbors to the south (e.g. Fallbrook & DeLuz).  We want to focus on our local partners who are neighbor communities, and who farm their food to the benefit of our community.  

This definition may evolve through the future, as our movement does. For now, we’re focused on food farmed in our neighboring communities.

For Our Growers

We hear you! Running a farm takes time – a lot of it. And running a business takes more time. The City wants to help make doing business easier by creating connections with others who will help you grow, be more profitable and increase local sales.  Connect with us and attend our upcoming symposium for help to improve business, so you can focus more of your time where you want to – farming. 

  • GROW Temecula Valley wants to connect you with other growers, distributors and new customers.  There are so many restaurants, chefs, communities, storefronts and local businesses  who want to do business with you.  Please send us your crop sheet with pricing and general availability so we can help get you connected with local sources. 
  • Did you know that GROW Riverside is hosting some upcoming events, including a FREE half-day event for growers? Check out the events at their event page
  • Are you looking for resources on financing, ag tech innovation, help with getting started farming?  Connect with us for access to helpful, local resources.

Restaurants, Grocers, Chefs

  • Temecula Valley has a rich source of good fruits, vegetables, meats and produce that we want to showcase for you. One taste and we know you’ll want more. Connect with us and we’ll make it easy to source local food first. Food that is grown in this immediate valley, by local farmers who harvest nothing but the best.  
  • We want to challenge you to source local food into your menus because it benefits the health interests of our residents, it supports the local economy and in the world of food – it’s a best practice.  We’d like to see you find local ingredients you can get excited about and use in a new dish or to enhance an existing one.  GROW will provide connections to do just that – as well as GROW marketing icons to help highlight your participation in this community cause.