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Temecula CultureFest Vendor Application

  1. Temecula CultureFest Vendor Application

    Application Deadline April 22, 2022. No application fee. 

  2. Extinguisher Requirements

    To avoid any misunderstandings in regards to extinguisher requirements, all food-serving vendors prior to the start of each event(s) that you participate in will meet the following: 1. All commercial food trailers will be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, and have a California State Fire Marshal tag showing proof of service within the last six months. 2. There shall be no open flame or cooking under tents or canopies. 3. Any food vendor cooking with a deep fat fryer shall provide a 40BC fire extinguisher. All other food vendors cooking booths shall provide a 2A: 10BC fire extinguisher. The extinguisher shall have California Fire tag showing proof of service within the last year of manufactured in the current calendar year. 4. If only heating appliances are being used, a 2A: 10BC extinguisher shall be provided. The extinguisher shall have a California State Fire Marshal tag showing proof of service within the last calendar year or manufactured in the current calendar year. 5. All persons working in booths and trailer shall be knowledgeable in proper use of the fire extinguisher in their area. 6. All electrical, both temporary and permanent shall be installed per National Electrical Code. 7. Food booths shall have a minimum 10-foot clearance on two sides. By selecting “I Agree” below, I understand that if found non-compliance upon inspection by the fire department, this can result in being dismissed from the event.

  3. Vendors selling Food, Crafts, or Goods must supply upon acceptance:

     Copy of Temecula Business License – required by vendors once applications have been approved. The cost of the business license is $39.

     Liability Insurance – Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1 million dollars and additionally ensured endorsement letter.

     Copy of State Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit (for more information call (909) 680-6400)

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