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Landscape Inspection Request Form

  1. Landscape Inspection Request
    Please fill-out this form if you do not know your assigned Planner. If you know your assigned Planner, please contact them directly.
  2. Please provide the Planning Application number for this project. The number should start with a "PA".
  3. Please provide the associated Building Permit number(s) for the requested inspection(s).
  4. We require a minimum of 48 business hours to schedule an inspection. Inspections are based on our consultant's availability. Inspections must be confirmed by your Planner and all fees must be paid. As a reminder, this is a request for an inspection, not a confirmation for an inspection.
  5. Point of Contact for Inspection
  6. Person Requesting Inspection / Repeat
  7. Please be sure to click the "submit" button below. An inspection request cannot be received unless you press submit.
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