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High Hopes Program

  1. High Hopes Program
    The High Hopes Program is a social and recreational program designed for adult’s ages 18+ with special needs. High Hopes program fosters socialization and community engagement through a variety of activities such as Dances, Karaoke, Bowling, Movie Night, and more. To become a member of this program, please complete this application. ACTIVITIES ARE $3 PP (UNLESS NOTED) AND OPEN TO ADULTS AGE 18+
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  5. Program Agreement
    • Proper respect shall be given to participants and staff members at all times. • Participants who require functional needs assistance must be accompanied by a caregiver. • Participants who are sick are encouraged to stay home. • City staff are not permitted to administer medications. • Participants with behavioral needs must be accompanied by a caregiver. • Participants who engage in inappropriate or unlawful behavior will be subject to suspension and/or expulsion of the program. • Participants are required to stay within the physical boundaries of the facility during program hours. • Please inquire from within, to make any special requests. Staff make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations.
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