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Contract Instructor Application

  1. Contract Instructor Information

    Thank you for your interest in being a Contract Instructor for the City of Temecula Community Services Department. Below is our online Contract Instructor Application form. Please complete and submit. Applications are kept on file and reviewed two times a year for consideration. Potential instructors will be contacted for an interview if their application is selected for consideration.


    A Contract Instructor is an Independent Contractor for the City, not an employee. A Contract Instructor signs a contract with the City to provide classes as described in your application. Instructors do not rent our facilities, however a portion of the fees collected are retained by the City to cover facility usage, registration, administration and promotion of your class in the Guide to Leisure Activities Brochure. The Contract Instructor Program is intended to offer community based classes at affordable pricing.


    • The City pays the Contractor a percentage of the total enrollment fees collected. Compensation for instructors is based on 70% of the enrollment fee received for the class; the City retains 30% of the enrollment fee.

    • Advertising is provided through the City’s Guide to Leisure Activities brochure which is distributed to all Temecula residential households two times per year. Programs will also be listed on the City’s website at, Any additional advertising is the responsibility of the Contractor. Prior to distribution, the Community Services Department must approve all promotional pieces.

    • All registrations for classes and activities will be received by the City of Temecula Community Services department either at a city facility or online at the City’s website. Contract Instructors are not to take payment directly for classes.

    • Class content and quality is very important. The City reserves the right to observe classes at anytime.

    • If your application is approved, all Instructors and substitute instructors teaching classes must be fingerprinted and have a background check completed. A fee of $49 will be paid by the Contract Instructor for the cost of each background investigation. Also, all Instructors must obtain a City of Temecula Business License at a cost of $35 per year.

    • The City may require the Contract Instructor to procure liability insurance coverage for classes that include a certain level of risk to the City. Upon approval of an application, the Contract Instructor will be advised if the class/activity they are proposing to teach will require additional liability coverage. If insurance is required the cost to procure and maintain this coverage is the sole responsibility of the Contract Instructor.

    Contact Information:
    41000 Main Street, Temecula, CA 92590
    (951) 240-4266


    Complete application and answer all questions completely. Emphasis should be given to the program content.

    After review of the application prospective instructors will be notified by phone or mail if the application is under review for consideration. Potential Contract Instructors will be scheduled for an oral interview prior to the acceptance of the application.

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