Preguntas frecuentes en español

Temecula Assist Preguntas Frecuentes en Español

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1. What is the maximum amount of grant funds available from the City?
2. Do you have a printout of these FAQs?
3. Can a business owner submit an application for both Temecula Assist programs?
4. How do I apply for the grant funds?
5. What may the funds be used for?
6. After a business is selected for funding through the lottery, what kind of documentation will be required from the business owner?
7. What if the business owner has received funding from SBA or other federal or state sources to address the needs created by the coronavirus?
8. Must all employees and the business owner have to be eligible to work in the United States?
9. Are applications and financial records subject to public disclosure?
10. Preguntas frecuentes en español