What are the benefits of vanpooling?

Not only can you save thousands of dollars a year on gas and other commuting costs, you may also be able to save time by traveling in a carpool lane. Some vanpoolers qualify for special perks at the work site such as preferred parking, prize drawings, subsidies and more. And just think how relaxed you’ll be leaving the driving to someone else! It’s no wonder that 98% of vanpoolers say they’d recommend vanpooling to a friend or co-worker.

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1. What is vanpooling?
2. Is vanpooling the right choice for me?
3. How much does it cost?
4. How do I find a vanpool?
5. Will a vanpool pick me up at home?
6. What if I’m sick or go on vacation? Do I still have to pay for my seat?
7. What if I’m late or someone else keeps us waiting?
8. Is smoking allowed?
9. What are the benefits of vanpooling?