Mayor Matt Rahn

Dr. Matt Rahn has over twenty years’ experience in higher education and university research, and as a land use and policy professional. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Nevada Reno, his Ph.D. from UC Davis, and his law degree from the University of San Diego. Throughout his career he has tackled some of the most fundamental issues facing our region, including water quality, water management, public safety, wildfires, transportation, renewable energy, agriculture, and open space. Matt has a unique background that brings a valuable perspective and insight to the City. 

Matt began working in the City of Temecula in early 2000, ultimately engaging in some of the largest most consequential projects in our region. In 2005, he began representing San Diego State University in alliance with the City of Temecula, in the long seven-year battle over the Liberty Quarry. He has also worked on projects that have improved our infrastructure, increased our regional energy independence, improved our air quality, and enhanced our overall quality of life. Over the past fifteen years, Matt was able to witness the amazing transformation and growth of the City. He fell in love with the City of Temecula… not just because of the beauty of the region, but the passion, dedication, and pride that our residents have. 

Key issues for Councilman Rahn include economic growth, public safety, transportation, parks and recreation, and our overall quality of life. He firmly believes that our City’s ability to attract, grow, and keep vibrant businesses is essential to our future. This can be accomplished by ensuring a “business-friendly” environment and a high quality of life that is attractive to both businesses and employees. It is important to continue the City’s legacy of a safe and healthy community, by pursuing responsible and thoughtful growth opportunities that continue to make Temecula a premier California City. 

As a representative on the Temecula City Council, he works tirelessly to ensure that Temecula preserves and carefully plans its future, providing the guidance that continues to make our City great. In just his first two years, Matt has led the charge on developing a Senior Master Plan for our City, facilitating regional communication and cooperation on water issues, advancing higher education opportunities, and developing community-based programs to improve public safety. 

Matt Rahn strongly believes that a good council member must be a great public servant: fair, transparent, and accessible. Matt is always available to discuss any questions, concerns, ideas, or opportunities. 

Public & Community Service

Mayor 2018
Council Member (2014-2018) 

City Council Assignments

Old Town Local Review Board Liaison 
City Sustainability Program Committee 
Old Town Steering Committee 
Southwest Cities Coalition Committee 
Community/Fiscal Outreach Ad Hoc Subcommittee 
Higher Education Ad Hoc Subcommittee 
Luxury Car Dealership Ad Hoc Subcommittee 
Madera Vista Development Ad Hoc Subcommittee 
Trails/Open Space Ad Hoc Subcommittee 


League of California Cities, Council Voting Delegate 
Rancho California Water District Liaison, Alternate Liaison 
Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (RCHCA), Board Member 
Riverside Transit Agency (RTA), Board Alternate 


Bachelors and Masters’ degrees, University of Nevada, Reno 
Ph.D., UC Davis 
J.D. Law Degree, University of San Diego