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[Excerpt from the City of Temecula Social Media Policy]

4.3       Information Posted by Outside Individuals

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4.3.2.  Comments containing any of the following inappropriate forms of content shall not be permitted on City of Temecula social media sites and shall be removed by the City Manager or his/her designee:

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4.3.3.  Comments on topics or issues not within the jurisdictional purview of the City of Temecula shall be removed. 

4.3.4   If comments do not otherwise violate this policy and are positive or negative and within the context of the topic at hand, then the content should be allowed to remain, regardless of whether it is favorable or unfavorable to the City. 

4.3.5   A comment posted by a member of the public on any City social media site is the opinion of the commentator or poster only, and publication of a comment does not imply endorsement of or agreement by the City, nor do such comments necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the City.

4.3.6   The City reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed to be in violation of this social media policy or any applicable law.