Party Jump Information

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Party Jump Guidelines

  • Only an approved vendor may install and uninstall inflatable bounce houses.
  • Companies must provide their own generator.
  • Inflatables must be hand delivered onto turf.
  • Absolutely no driving vehicles on turf. Violators will be removed from the City vendor list indefinitely.
  • Only standard jumps under 25 x 25 feet are allowed, slides must be within the 25 x 25 feet area and must not be taller than 14 feet high. NO water features are allowed.
  • Inflatable bounce houses must be free standing and weighted. Stakes are not allowed in the parks and equipment may not be tied or tethered to trees, tables or other park amenities.
  • All guests must follow the rules and guidelines of the equipment owner and manufacturer for safety.
  • Inflatable bounce houses must be set-up in the designated area ONLY, see Guide to Inflatables link below. 
  • Inflatable bounce houses may only operate at parks between 9:00am-6:00pm.
  • Only invited guests may use the bounce house.

More Information

Please email
Parks Allowing Inflatables Parks NOT Allowing Inflatables
Butterfield Stage Park Bahia Vista Park
Harveston Community Park Calle Aragon Park
John Magee Park Crowne Hill Park
Loma Linda Park Harveston Lake Park
Long Canyon Creek Park Kent Hintergardt Memorial Park
Meadows Park Margarita Community Park
Nicolas Road Park Nakayama Park
Pablo Apis Park Pala Community Park
Paseo Gallante Park Paloma Del Sol Park
Redhawk Community Park Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park
Riverton Park Pauba Ridge Park
Ronald Reagan Sports Park Sam Hick's Monument Park
Rotary Park Temecula Creek Trail Park
Serena Hills Park Temecula Duck Pond
Stephen Linen Jr. Memorial Park Town Square Park
Sunset Park Voorburg Park
Temeku Hills Park  
Vail Ranch Park  
Veteran's Park  
Winchester Creek Park  
Wolf Creek Park  

To see location of inflatables allowed at each park please view the Guide to Inflatables below.

Important Documents