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Adopted QLMP

Thank you to all of the residents and Blue Ribbon Committee members who helped shape the 2040 Quality of Life Master Plan. Download the adopted QLMP, here.

City Council Meeting

The Quality of Life Master Plan (QLMP) was adopted by the City Council on November 15, 2022, at 6 p.m. The full agenda report and QLMP is available at the following link (click here).

Purpose & Background

The Temecula 2040 Plan is a living document that reflects the vision and long-term goals of our City. As Temecula continues to grow and mature, the Temecula 2040 Plan will be a crucial part of not only maintaining our quality of life, but to take a proactive approach and identify specific community needs, goals, and possible improvements. The City of Temecula uses the Quality of Life Master Plan (QLMP) to formulate and budget Citywide projects. In addition, the QLMP is used to guide planning, investment decisions, to provide vision and continuity for the next phase of the City's journey, and for continuous process improvement in partnership with Temecula's residents.

Also referred to as "Core Values," the QLMP lists the seven overarching goals for the City:

  • Healthy and Livable City
  • Economic Prosperity
  • A Safe and Prepared City
  • A Sustainable City
  • Transportation, Mobility and Connectivity
  • Accountable and Responsible Local Government
  • Equity 

The above overarching goals are the priority attributes that Temecula residents desire to maintain throughout their entire lifespan. These goals, when met = best quality of life.

Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC)

General Plan Update Subcommittee

Mayor, Matt Rahn

Council Member, Maryann Edwards

Commission/Board Reps

Lanae Turley-Trejo, Planning Commission 

Ross Jackson, Old Town Local Review Board

David Matics, Public/Traffic Safety Commission  

Kathy Sizemore, Community Services

Eric Faulkner, REDI Commission 

At-Large Members

Gary Oddi, Bike Temecula Valley Coalition

Amy Minniear, Special Needs Community

Scott Treadway, Rancho Christian Schools

Sandy Rosenstein, Interfaith Council 

Jeremy Brown, Mount San Jacinto College 

Darlene Wetton, Temecula Valley Hospital

Kimberly Adams, Visit Temecula Valley

Jacob Mejia, Director of Public Affairs

Chad Pelekai, Camp Pendleton

Juan Carlos Duron, Optiforms

Aaron Petroff, Social Work Action Group

Tammy Marine, Habitat for Humanity

Teri Biancardi, Sierra Club

Carl Love, Local History

Jodi McClay, TVUSD

Brooke Nunn, Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce

Background Documentation

Meeting Archive

August 2, 2022Vacant Land Workshop (City Council)
A meeting to discuss City Owned Vacant Lands and potential City Council direction on those parcels.
July 21, 2022QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #7
The Blue Ribbon Committee discussion and wrap-up of the QLMP document.
April 14, 2022QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #6
The Blue Ribbon Committee discussion the Vision Statement and other related items
March 15, 2022QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #5
The Blue Ribbon Committee discussed one core value: 1) Equity
February 17, 2022 QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #4
The Blue Ribbon Committee discussed two core values: 1) Accountable and Responsive Government and 2) A Safe and Prepared City

January 20, 2022QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #3
The Blue Ribbon Committee discussed two core values: 1) Transportation and Mobility 2) A Sustainable City
October 4, 2021QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #2
The Blue Ribbon Committee discusses two core values: 1) A Healthy and Livable City and 2) Economic Prosperity.
August 26, 2021QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #1
The Blue Ribbon Committee makes introductions, receives and overview of the Quality of Life Master Plan, as well as a summary of the Community Opinion Survey and previous City Council Workshop.
July 20, 2021QLMP City Council Workshop -
This workshop was held to review the history of the QLMP, reflect on accomplishments, identify new priorities, and to discuss anticipated changes and opportunities that will shape the community’s future.
July 13, 2021Community Survey City Council Presentation -
Dr. Tim McClarney from True North Research summarizes the results of the City-wide Citizen Opinion Survey.  The survey results will help inform discussions and decisions made by the Blue Ribbon Committee when making updates to the plan.


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