Financing Resources

CalRecycle - Revolving Loan Program (RMDZ)
CalRecycle runs a Recycling Market Development Zone Loan Program to encourage California-based recycling businesses located within California to site new manufacturing facilities and expand existing operations.

Purpose & Goal
The program provides low-interest loans for equipment purchase and other business costs that may be appropriate. The goal of this program is to assist California manufacturers in the growth of their processing capabilities and create additional markets for recycled-content products.

Department Expansion
We are pleased to announce that the application for extension and expansion of the Riverside County Recycling Market Development Zone was approved by CalRecycle. This is now effective for 10 years from August 25, 2013 with the new zone including 25 of the county's 28 cities and all unincorporated areas.

California Enterprise Development Authority (CEDA)
CEDA has a business finance program offering:
  • 10% - 20% low down payment
  • Interest rates that are 20 - 30% below standard commercial lending rates
  • Lower interest rates and reduced upfront equity requirements for business expansion projects
  • Timely and hassle-free access to expansion capital for land, building, or equipment, long-term loans with no prepayment penalty
More Information
This program is available only through the CALED-sponsored California Enterprise Development Authority. For more information, call Paula Connors at 916-448-8252, ext. 102.

CalCAP - A Small Business Loan Program
The California Capital Access Program (CalCAP) encourages banks and other financial institutions to make loans to eligible small businesses that fall just outside of most banks' conventional underwriting standards.

CalCAP is a form of loan portfolio which may provide up to 100% coverage on certain loan defaults. Loans can be used to finance the acquisition of land, construction or renovation of buildings, the purchase of equipment, other capital projects and working capital.

Maximum Amounts
The maximum loan amount is $1.5 million. The maximum premium CPCFA will pay is $100,000 (per loan). Lenders set all the terms and conditions of the loans and decide which loans to enroll into CalCAP.

Eligible small businesses must be classified as a small California business under U.S. Small Business Administration guidelines or have fewer than 100 employees. The borrower's business must be in one of the industries listed in the qualified Standard Industry Classification codes list.

More Information
For more information, call 916-654-5610.