Youth Enrichment

  1. Bear Cub University

    Watch your little "bear cub" grow and thrive in this structured drop-off enrichment program designed to help your preschooler explore, experiment, and discover things on their own through a variety of methods that are a mixture of fun and learning!

  2. Bigfoot's Art & Pizza Party

    Parents drop your kids off for a fun three hour Art and Pizza Party taught by talented Bigfoot Graphics Instructor, Erika Palm. You enjoy a night out, or just a quiet night in, while your young artist(s) enjoys mixed media art projects and a tasty meal.

  3. Bigfoot's Computer Club

    Tweens and teens who love computers, digital art and gaming can be part of this NEW club from the Bigfoot Creative Group. Club members will learn to develop their own video games, practice Photoshop and enjoy safe, age appropriate gaming. Other fun and challenging computer activities are included in the schedule. Everyone gets a membership badge!

  4. Bigfoot’s Epic Video Game Tournaments

    An epic night for young gamers! This FUN night consists of an organized double elimination tournament on the Wii with pizza, exciting activities and a coloring contest. Winners receive awards and everyone gets a prize! Who will be Temecula's NEXT tournament champion?!

  5. Bigfoot's Teen Graphic Design / Photoshop

    Teens learn Photoshop and enjoy fun graphic design projects with Photoshop expert and working design professional, Jeff Waddleton.

  6. Bright Start for Kids

    Welcome to Bright Start for Kids where children discover that learning is fun! We bring hands-on learning with exciting theme-based curriculum. Each day it’s a bright start with choice centers.

  7. Children's Etiquette

    For over 10 years, we have been providing Temecula children with the skills they need to feel self-assured and confident in any situation. Learn proper table manners, tech-etiquette, introductions, the art of conversation, giving and receiving, expressing gratitude and getting along with others.

  8. Get Smart with Art

    For the truly beginner artist! This is a special art class for toddlers and parents (or their helpers). Little fingers experiment with painting, gluing, sticking, printing and creating while developing fine motor, language and self-help skills.

  9. Miss Cathy’s Tiny Tots

    The Miss Cathy’s Tiny Tots program is a structured recreational program with emphasis on socialization and fun. Children enjoy music, fun craft projects, storytelling and many other learning activities which prepare them for their next step in life.

  10. Music for Toddlers

    Hearing, feeling, moving, singing, sharing and playing music! Children absorb and store musical patterns and concepts for enjoyment and growth in all of their musical endeavors and development.

  11. Family Music for Babies

    Welcome your newborn into a world of music and movement. Family Music for Babies offers an intimate, nurturing environment for you to bond with your child. It’s never too early to begin building a foundation in music that could lead to a lifetime of music making, learning, and enjoyment. This class is specially designed to offer infants sensory simulation during their most receptive period of neurological development. During this program, you’ll learn special ways to play and communicate with your baby while meeting and making new friends.

  12. Parent & Me Dance

    This new class is a great way to introduce your little one to a structured class setting, with the comfort of having you with them! Your dancer will begin to learn the basics of dance, along with team work and listening skills, all while having lots of fun!

  13. Parent and Me Playgroup

    This exciting Parent N' Me program is a great way to spend some fun time with your child or grandchild. Children will enjoy free-play, crafts, story time and group-play all while socializing with other children.

  14. Petite Chefs

    These hands-on workshops teach the fundamentals in a safe and creative environment. Chefs-in-training learn to measure, sift, mix, whip, knead, zest, decorate and more!

  15. Petite Pastry Chefs

    Pastry Chefs-in-training will make decadent desserts and pastries from scratch! Workshops are hands-on and fun! Cooking concepts also improve math, science, reading and social skills.

  16. Rocket Readers

    These small-group classes offer explicit reading instruction presented in a way that makes reading easy and fun. Children will improve their skills while reading riddles and jokes and playing games.

  17. Tots-n-Pots

    Cooking and baking provide the perfect combination of fun and creativity. Our hands-on workshops are a great way to spend valuable time with your child and teach them about the food they eat.

  18. Wonders! Speed Math

    With new math standards and concepts being introduced in the school system, it is imperative that students have their basic facts and concepts locked in solidly. Students can labor excessively due to a few unaddressed deficiencies or because their calculating speed is slow.

  19. Yoga for Parent & Me

    This class is designed with toddlers in mind, helping them move and experience their bodies like never before! Mommies or Daddies can practice with their toddlers in a safe, comfortable and caring environment while getting out of the house and meeting other like-minded parents. Classes are structured to be fun and seem more like playtime than exercise; but in each class, instructors will take parents and toddlers through a series of yoga poses, teaching all students how to connect with themselves. This is a great class for moms and dads to stretch their limbs and meet other families in the community.

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