Digital Photography

Ages: 10 Years-Adults

Digital Darkroom

Do you love your digital camera but are "underwhelmed" by your photos? Here's your chance to learn the secrets that the "pros" know! In this class you will learn: how to transform your photos from "Blah" to "Wow", how to "save" under and over exposed photos, how to remove distracting things in your photos, how to make stunning black and white photos, how to add text to your photos, how to restore old family photos and how to add special effects. You'll learn all this using the industry leading editing software in an easy to understand step by step process!

Digital Photography - Introduction

This exciting new class is aimed at the person who is just getting started in digital photography. Topics covered are understanding differences between digital and film photography (gigabytes, megapixels and memory cards), camera settings for most photos (including “how to avoid problems”), basic understanding of composition, tips on how to get the quality photos you were hoping for, loading images on to the computer, camera care and more. Participants are urged to bring their camera and instruction manual to class.

Digital Photography - Intermediate

Class for those that are already comfortable with photography and want to learn how to get more out of their camera. Subjects covered are “What are all those buttons and dials on the camera?”, understanding the different techniques and equipment, such as electronic flashes, tripods, and other accessories that you might consider purchasing.

Digital Photography - Advanced

Class designed for those that are already proficient with their cameras but want to take their photography to that next level. Subjects covered are handling tricky light, understanding how backgrounds and foregrounds affect your photo, all about lenses (what they do, which brands are best and how to choose which ones to purchase), understanding flash photography, learning the qualities of prize-winning photos, and specific instruction on how to make stunning photos of people, pets, landscapes, wildlife, night shots, and macro photography (tricks of the pros!) and much more.

Digital Photography - Wildlife

Join award winning photographer Richard Cronberg as he shares his knowledge of this specialized form of photography. He will cover everything you ever wanted to know about taking wildlife photos and maybe some things you never thought about! He will review essential equipment and how to use it to the fullest. He will also explain the different types of wildlife photos and where to go to get those breathtaking shots! If you ever thought about taking photos of wild animals, this popular class is a must! Students are urged to bring their camera and instruction manual to class.