Yoga Classes

Ages: 10 Years-Adults

Gentle flow practices for all levels. Class will encompass breathing techniques, stretching, foundational poses, modifications, use of props to ease into positions, and flow of movement with breath. The goal of this class is to move away from busy, fast-paced lives into a practice that is slow-paced, mindful and conscious Please bring a yoga mat. Blocks and straps are optional.

Yoga In the Park

Yoga in Old Town 

Yoga on Margarita 

Yoga for Parent & Me

Ages: 12 months-5 Years

This class is designed with toddlers in mind, helping them move and experience their bodies like never before! Mommies or Daddies can practice with their toddlers in a safe, comfortable and caring environment while getting out of the house and meeting other like-minded parents. Classes are structured to be fun and seem more like playtime than exercise; but in each class, instructors will take parents and toddlers through a series of yoga poses, teaching all students how to connect with themselves. This is a great class for moms and dads to stretch their limbs and meet other families in the community. NOTE: Please bring a yoga mat. Blocks and straps are optional.

Yoga for Restoration

Ages: 18 Years-Adults

Restorative Yoga involves light twists, seated forward folds and the use of props to gently support you as you rest and relax. Holding these postures for a longer period allows you to center your breath, relax your body, and improve range of motion and flexibility. Please bring a yoga mat to each class. Blocks and straps are optional.