Tennis Classes

Mommy, Daddy & Me - Ages: 3-7 Years

Class designed for children with involvement of a parent. It is a fun, high energy class focusing on developing hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while improving physical fitness. Fee is per family up to 5 members.

Level 1 (Quick Start Tennis) Ages: 4.6-10 Years

An exciting 10 and under format for learning tennis utilizing age/size appropriate equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring. 

Level 2/3 (Beginner/Intermediate Junior) Ages: 7-15 Years

Learn the fundamentals of grips,strokes and progress toward sustained rallies.

Level 4 (Advanced Junior) Ages: 10-18 Years

Designed for experienced junior student to incorporate grips, strokes and strategy, as well as advance into live ball drills and strategically played points.

Level 5/6 (Beginner/Intermediate Adult) Ages: 16 Years-Adults

Designed for the adult student to incorporate grips, strokes, strategy, as well as progression into live ball drills. 

Level 7 (Advanced Adult) Ages: 16 Yrs-Adults

Limited to experienced adult or competitive juniors to further proper technique, agility, live ball drills, strategically played points and competitive shot making.