Soccer Skills

This soccer program improves ball handling, goal scoring, passing and more, through fun and imaginative drills and games. Emphasis is given to improving motor skills, strength and conditioning, and overall awareness of what is occurring on the soccer field. Classes are formatted with games and drills that are perfect for all levels of play including beginners and experienced players.
Note: All participants receive an official Master Sports Soccer Ball and a t-shirt! Parents in parent participation class also receive class shirts!

Parent Participation - Ages: 2-3.6 Years


Junior - Ages: 3.6-4 Years


Soccer 1 - Ages: 4-5 Years


Soccer 2 - Ages: 5-7 Years


Soccer 3 - Ages: 8-10 Years

  • 2204.201 - Sep 13-Nov 1 (4:00-5:00pm)
  • 2204.202 - Sep 16-Nov 4 (11:30am-12:30pm)