Business Advantages

The City of Temecula is fully committed to providing excellent, expeditious, and clear guidance throughout your development process. Whether it is gaining entitlements, grading permits, or building permits, we are dedicated in providing you outstanding service.

Fast Track Permitting System

Here at the City, we understand that time is money. Check out our Permitting System Timeline page for more information on how we fast track for businesses in Temecula.
An inspector stands at his truck and enters data onto a laptop
Low-Cost Business Registration Fee
Temecula has a low-cost registration fee of only $36 per year. Many cities base their business license fees on gross receipts or number of employees.

No Utility Use Tax
There is no utility tax, including electric, telephone, cellular, gas, and water for businesses located in Temecula.

Business Retention Program
Temecula’s Business Retention Program includes site visitations to local businesses on a regular basis. City and Temecula Chamber representatives meet with businesses and learn more about the company and provides an opportunity for the committee to respond to any questions the company may have. Information on labor/education needs and available training programs that can be utilized, as well as business issues relating to city services, permits and city programs, are discussed.

Business Liaison
The City of Temecula’s Economic Development Division offers assistance for your business whether you are relocating, expanding, or developing a new project. We offer support through the various stages of the process from site selection and resource recommendations, all the way through permitting and the final inspections.

Site Selection Support
After receiving information from a business about their plans and criteria, the Economic Development Division can compile a list of potential sites for consideration. We can also advise on zoning code and provide businesses with feedback about the need for additional permitting measures so that businesses are able to make knowledgeable decisions on their business locations.

Technology Ombudsman
The Technology Ombudsman supports the growth of local technology companies as well as start-up companies and entrepreneurs. The Technology Ombudsman is there to assist existing technology companies and as well as those looking to establish their businesses in the City of Temecula. It is a contact point for a variety of services and helps to promote innovation and technological growth in the City of Temecula.

Incentive Programs
Temecula wants to offer the best advantages for businesses, and they do so with local, state, and federal incentive programs: