Debt Management

It is the mission of the Debt Management Division to effectively manage all of the City, Redevelopment Agency, and Temecula Public Financing Authority debt obligations by investing available funds responsibly, evaluating refinancing opportunities to save the City money and lower taxes on its citizens, and to provide outstanding customer service to all property owners, developers, and consultants while ensuring that all requirements are met for all debt obligations administered by the City and its legal authorities.

Mello-Roos Community Facility District

A Mello-Roos Community Facility District (District) is an area where a special property tax on real estate, in addition to the normal property tax, is imposed on those real property owners within the District boundaries. These Districts seek public financing through the sale of tax exempt bonds for the purpose of financing public improvements and services. These services may include streets, water, sewage and drainage, electricity, infrastructure, schools, parks and police protection to newly developing areas. The tax paid is used to make the payments of principal and interest on the bonds.

The Temecula Public Financing Authority is the Authority over five Community Facilities Districts (CFD) including: Harveston CFD 01-02; Harveston II CFD 03-06; Wolf Creek CFD 03-03; Crowne Hill CFD 03-01; Roripaugh Ranch CFD 03-02.  These debt issuances are not obligations of the City of Temecula, but rather obligations of the individual property owners within the individual district boundaries. 

Assessment District

An Assessment District is a unit of territory for the assessment of property for taxation. It is a district specially benefited by a local public improvement with the consequence that a special or local assessment is made against the property in the district to finance the improvement. When a city or other local government agency embarks on a public works project, such as a new road or a sewer system upgrade, it may form an assessment district to raise the funds needed to cover the expense. Thus an assessment district is a specially designated area encompassing properties that stand to benefit from a particular improvement.

The City of Temecula administers one Assessment district:  AD 03-04 (John Warner Road)

Annual Reports

Special District Official Statements

What is an Official Statement?

City of Temecula Special District Boundary Map

City Debt Obligations

2011 Lease Financing: In December 2011, the City refinanced the 2001 and 2008 Certificates of Participation in the amount of $26,835,000 to finance a portion of the Civic Center project. This is not an actual debt of the City but rather an obligation of the City to make lease payments to the authority (Temecula Public Financing Authority) in consideration for use and possession of the Civic Center. This lease financing was conducted through a local bank and therefore does not contain bond documents like the other agency debt listed above.

Redevelopment Agency Debt Obligations

The Redevelopment Agency has issued 5 series of bonds to fund various projects described below. All redevelopment debt is paid using tax increment receipts.
  • 2002 RDA TABS Official Statement (PDF) (Tax Allocation Bonds): Issued in the amount of $28,055,000 to refund the Agency’s 1993 TABS and to fund various redevelopment projects including the Children’s Museum, the Rancho California Road Bridge Widening, and the Community Theatre.
  • 2006 RDA TABS Official Statement (PDF): Issued in the amount of $21,145,000 to fund various Old Town Infrastructure projects including the Mercedes and Main Street Improvements, Old Town Civic Plaza, Old Town Utilities, and the Old Town Parking Structure.
  • 2007 RDA TAB Official Statement (PDF): Issued in the amount of $15,790,000 to fund the partial construction and purchase of the Promenade Mall Parking Garage, as well as funding various redevelopment projects yet to be determined.
  • 2010 RDA TABS Official Statement (PDF): Issued in the amount of $13,755,000 to fund low/moderate income housing projects.
  • 2011 RDA TABS Official Statement (PDF): Issued in the amount of $17,035,000 to fund low/moderate income housing project

Property Tax Assessment

Parks & Lighting Special Tax

The City of Temecula’s residents passed Measure C in March of 1997 and authorized the Temecula Community Services District (TCSD) to assess and collect the Parks and Lighting Special Tax. All property owners pay this tax.

The revenue generated by the Special Tax funds the following: 
Per Single Residential Dwelling Unit $74.44
Per Multi-Family Residential Dwelling Unit $55.83
Per Acre of Vacant Property in a Residential Zone $148.88
Per Acre of Vacant Property in a Non-Residential Zone $297.76
Per Acre of Non-Residential Improved Property $446.64
Per Acre of Golf Course Property $148.88
Per Acre of Agricultural Property $37.22

Rates & Charges

For the Temecula Community Services District (TCSD Levels B, C, D and R) Engineer's Report, Click here (PDF).
  • Service Level B Residential Street Lights - Pays a portion of the utility costs to operate the residential street lighting throughout the City. All single family residential parcels pay $25.68 per year, while condominium properties pay $12.84.
  • Service Level C Perimeter/Slope Landscape Maintenance - Funding mechanism for specific landscaped zones maintained by the City. Rates vary based on each zone.
  • Service Level D Trash and Recycling Services - Replaces a monthly or quarterly tax bill by placing the charges on your annual tax bill for trash and recycling services provided by CR&R. For FY 14-15 the charge for this service is $269.60.
  • Service Level R Dirt Road Maintenance - Used to fund dirt road maintenance in the Liefer Road area of the City to ensure emergency vehicle access and continued public right-of-way access. All developed single family residential pay $115.26 per year, while undeveloped pay $57.62.


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