Bicycle Lanes & Trails

Welcome to, an all-in-one stop for information the City of Temecula's current, proposed, and continuously evolving trail and bike network.

In 2016, the City of Temecula completed a comprehensive update of the Multi-use Trails and Bikeways Master Plan. The updated plan will help prioritize hiking and biking improvements within the City. 

Learn more about the Temecula Loop!

A graphic of the Temecula Loop, a planned bicycle system in the City of Temecula

Report Hazards & Make Suggestions

To report hazards on the trails or bike lanes please contact Public Works online or call us at 951-694-6411. 

If you have comments or suggestions that will help the City provide a better trail and bikeway system please contact Matt Peters in Community Development at 951-694-6408 or use the contact form.


City of Temecula Maps

Safety Tips

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