Corporate Softball

Summer/Fall 2018 Team Standings 

  1. (9-3-0) Smokin' Aces (Pechanga)
  2. (8-3-1) Saved By The Balls (EMD Millipore)
  3. (8-4-0) T-DuB (Thornton Winery)
  4. (6-6-0) Scrubs (TV Hospital)
  5. (5-7-0) Gosch Ford
  6. (3-9-0) IV-Leaguers (TV Hospital)
  7. (2-9-1) Bluewater Grill

Add/Drop Deadline: September 12th 

All games will be played on Wednesday, November 14th on Field #2

Corporate Division:
Seed #1: Smokin’ Aces (Pechanga)
Seed #2: Saved By The Balls (EMD Millipore)
Seed #3: T-DuB (Thornton Winery)
Seed#4: Scrubs (TV Hospital)

6pm: Saved By The Balls vs. T-DuB
7:15pm: Smokin’ Aces vs. Scrubs
8:30pm: 6pm winner vs. 7:15pm winner

2018 Corporate Champions: