COED Division 3B

Winter/Spring 2018 Team Standings

  1. (11-0-0) Flip A Pitch
  2. (6-4-1) Club 21
  3. (6-5-0) We Have The Runs
  4. (5-6-1) Valley Hitters
  5. (5-6-0) Millenial Falcons
  6. (2-6-3) Create A Buzz
  7. (1-9-1) Scrubs

Playoff seeding and schedule:

All Games will be played on Friday, June 15th on Field #4

Seed #1: Flip a Pitch
Seed #2: Club 21
Seed #3: We Have The Runs
Seed #4: Valley Hitters

6pm: Club 21 vs. We Have the Runs
7:15pm: Flip A Pitch vs. Valley Hitters
8:30pm: 6pm winner vs. 7:15pm winner

All teams will have a mandatory roster checks, so make sure your players bring their IDs to the field with them.   

Add/Drop Deadline: April 13