City Manager

The City Manager Department serves as the City's executive office responsible to the City Council for implementing their priorities and objectives and effectively delivering exceptional services, projects and programs to the citizens of Temecula.


The City Manager Department:
  • Implements all City Council policies, as guided by the Quality of Life Master Plan (QLMP)
  • Oversees the preparation and administration of a balanced annual budget
  • Provides organizational leadership to City staff and operations

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Temecula is to maintain a safe, secure, clean, healthy, and orderly community; to balance the utilization of open space, parks, trail facilities, quality jobs, public transportation, diverse housing, and adequate infrastructure; and to enhance and revitalize historic areas. 

The City will encourage programs for all age groups, utilize its human resources, and preserve its natural resources while stimulating technology, promoting commerce, and utilizing sound fiscal policy. 

It is the City Council’s resolve that this mission will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in its citizens and that the City will be known as a progressive, innovative, balanced, and environmentally sensitive community.

2023 Year in Review Report