Grant Application Process

The annual funding application is available at the Temecula Civic Center or online through the Community Development Department website beginning in November of each year.


The City has an extensive process to allocate annual CDBG funds. Each year the City notices the availability of CDBG funds, holds community meetings, and solicits funding applications from interested service providers. The following is a summary timeline for the awarding of annual funds. 

Summary of the CDBG Funding Timeline for FY2017-18

Actions Taken
CDBG Applications Disseminated
November 17, 2016
CDBG Overview and Application Assistance Workshop
November 30, 2016
Deadline for Submission of Applications
December 15, 2016
Eligible Applications Provided to Finance Committee for Review and Funding Recommendations
February 2017
30-Day Public Review and Comment Period for the Draft FY2017-18 Annual Action Plan (AAP) and Funding Recommendations
March-April 2017
Public Hearing for Consideration of AAP and Funding April 2017
HUD Review and Acceptance
May 15 - June 30, 2017
Program Year Begins
July 1, 2017
Provide Award Letters and Orientation to Grant Subrecipients
July 2017

CDBG Application & Instructions

All agencies or entities applying for CDBG funding assistance must complete the application. All questions must be answered and all required documentation must be submitted with the application.

Household Income Limits

Under HUD CDBG regulations, at least 51% of those benefiting from CDBG funded activities must be low and moderate income persons. Agencies and organizations receiving CDBG funding must be able to document that the individuals or households it serves fall within the HUD income limits. The HUD income guidelines for the 2016 program year are as follows:

Extremely Low Income Level (30% and Below)

Number of Persons in Household
Annual Income
1 $13,450
2 $16,020
3 $20,160
4 $24,300
5 $28,440
6 $32,580

Low Income Level (Between 30 and 50%)

Number of Persons in Household
Annual Income
1 $22,400
2 $25,600
3 $28,800
4 $31,950
5 $34,550
6 $37,100

Moderate Income (Between 50 - 80%)

Number of Persons in Household
Annual Income
1 $35,800
2 $40,900
3 $46,000
4 $51,100
5 $55,200
6 $59,300