Citizen Participation

The City of Temecula encourages citizen participation in the CDBG process through a series of public meetings, as well as through a published announcement prior to final project and program selection.

The Draft 2018-19 Annual Action Plan and the Substantial Amendment to the 2017-18 Annual Action Plan are now available for review.

Citizen Feedback

Throughout the program year, citizens are given an opportunity to comment on all aspects of the City’s CDBG Program uses and performance.


The City is required to prepare both an annual Action Plan and an annual performance report for HUD identifying community priorities and documenting accomplishments through funded activities, programs, and projects. These reports are available for public review. The 2016-17 CAPER is now available for public review.

Five-Year Consolidated Plan

In 2012, the City developed its Five-Year Consolidated Plan identifying priorities for the use of CDBG funding resources through 2016. CDBG regulations require that jurisdictions set forth policies and procedures to encourage citizen participation (and particularly participation by persons of low or moderate incomes) during the development of these plans and during the overall administration of the City’s CDBG program.

Public Input

Temecula’s Five-Year Consolidated Plan was developed with a strong emphasis on community input. As part of the process for developing the Consolidated Plan, City staff provided a number of opportunities for public input including surveys, public meetings and focus groups, email and newspaper notices, and the 30-day draft public review and comment period. All public comments provided to the City either verbally or in writing were included in the appendices of the document when submitted to HUD for final approval.

Objectives & Priorities

The objectives and priorities of the Consolidated Plan are listed here.

Capital Improvement Priorities

  • Affordable Housing Facilities
  • Park and Recreation Facilities
  • Residential Improvements
  • Sidewalk Improvement
  • Street and Alley Improvements
  • Street Lighting
  • Youth Centers

Public Service Priorities

  • Homeless Shelter and Services
  • Neglected/Abused Children Services
  • Special Needs Services

Community Service Priorities

  • Anti-Crime Programs
  • Fair Housing Services
  • Youth Activities

Business & Job Priorities

  • Entrepreneurial Services
  • Job Creation and Retention