Adaptive Swim Lessons

This class is designed to provide community members with a mental or physical disability the opportunity to learn and improve swimming skills, maintain and increase physical fitness, achieve success, and receive recognition within an aquatic environment.
Fee Residents - $45
Non-Residents - $55
Am I a Temecula Resident?  Click here to find out!
Age 3 - 15 years
Location TES Pool - Temecula Elementary School
Registration Registration opens on May 31, 2023
   Online using the online catalog.
   Walk-in at Aquatics Office during office hours (see right). Not currently available due to ongoing construction.

Program Overview

Our ultimate goal in these swim lessons is to get each participant "water safe". What that means is our instructors will be teaching basic swimming skills such as blowing bubbles, floating, kicking, and front crawl as well as just being comfortable in the water. We know that every child can learn to swim but each child progresses at a different rate. Every day in the water is progress and one step closer to being water safe.

  • Classes are for participants with special needs or need special accommodation.
  • Classes are grouped based on age, swimming ability, and learning style.
  • There are 3 swimmers in a class with 1 instructor.
  • Each swimmer will have a volunteer Swim Buddy to be their pal and helper during every class.
  • One Session will consist of 8 classes.
  • Classes will be 35 minutes long.
  • Classes will be 4 times a week for two weeks.
  • Classes will be held at Temecula Elementary School.

2023 Class Schedule and Registration Dates

To register, click here for the online catalog and then click on "Swim Lessons".

SessionClass DatesDaysClass Times Registration Dates
June 19 - June 29M/T/W/Th1:30-2:05 p.m.
2:15-2:50 p.m.
3:00-3:35 p.m.
May 31 - June 15
July 3 - July 13*M/T/W/Th1:30-2:05 p.m.
 2:15-2:50 p.m.
 3:00-3:35 p.m.

June 22 - June 29
July 17 - July 27M/T/W/Th1:30-2:05 p.m.
2:15-2:50 p.m.
3:00-3:35 p.m.
July 6 - July 13
4July 31 - August 10 M/T/W/Th1:30-2:05 p.m.
2:15-2:50 p.m.
3:00-3:35 p.m.
July 20 - July 27

* Class Skip Date - July 4

To Register

  1. Register using the online catalog (available in Spring).
  2. Fill out the Swimmer Information Form (PDF) (If you already have a Swimmer Information Form on file with us, you do not need to do another)
  3. Return your Swimmer Information Form to the Aquatics office:
    MAIL:  Temecula Community Services District
     Attn: Aquatics
     41000 Main Street
     Temecula, CA 92590
    Fax:  951-676-2716
    EMAIL: Aquatics Email