Special / Deputy Inspectors

The City of Temecula, under the provisions of Chapter 17 of the California Building Code, has established that certain types of work are subject to Special Inspection. When special inspections are required, all special inspectors must be registered to work within the City of Temecula.

Approval & Qualifications

The Building Official has the responsibility to ascertain that a Special/Deputy Inspector is qualified for the type of inspection required. Qualifications are measured against the following standards:
  • Current International Code Conference (ICC) certification for the discipline in which the individual is requesting approval.
  • Reinforced concrete Special Inspector; A.C.I. Certification as a Concrete Field Technician Grade I
  • Must possess the ability to write legible and concise reports using the nomenclature of the building industry
  • Additional qualifications for specific reports pertaining to projects when deemed necessary by the Building Official
  • Certified in the discipline for which the inspection is to be performed

Registration Process

You will need the following to register:
Upon completion of online application and evidence of proper qualifications, the applicant will be added to the Special/Deputy Inspector database.


Registration will be valid until business license and/or expiration of credentials.