Inspection Clearances

The Department of Public Works (PW) Land Development Division requires specific project site inspections and clearances throughout the duration of the project prior to final completion. These inspections and clearances require:
  • Both field and office clearances
  • Clearances from the PW engineer regarding project Conditions of Approval (COA)
  • Inspections and clearances for NPDES and field activities

Scope & Purpose

This section only covers the field inspections/clearances’ component. The purpose of these PW inspections and clearances is to ensure that the work has been completed per the approved plans and specifications, City and engineering standards and as directed by the City Engineer.

Inspection Areas

The Public Works inspections typically include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
  • Concrete - Ribbon gutters, sidewalks, curbs, curb and gutters, driveway approaches, PCC or gunite drainage devices, etc.
  • Drainage - Storm drains, PCC catch basins, other drainage devices, etc.
  • Grading -Excavation and fill, backfill of utility trenches, earth swales, setbacks, berms, terracing, pad grading, etc.
  • NPDES - Erosion and sediment control measures, BMPs, desilting basins, etc. and
  • Paving - Subgrade, base, asphalt concrete, ac berms, etc.
These PW inspections and clearances are typically required prior to key project milestones such as prior to the Department of Building and Safety’s (B&S) issuance of building permit and Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).

Prior to B&S Issuance of Building Permit & C of O

Prior to B&S issuance of building permit and C of O, the PW inspection as well as other City departmental inspections (that are not covered here) must be completed and associated clearances granted. Please note that in addition to PW inspections, there may also be specific PW related COA that must be met prior to issuance of building permit and C of O.

Schedule an Inspection

Schedule an inspection by sending an email to

You will need to schedule a PW inspection for the following:
  • For PW inspector’s clearance to allow issuance of a building permit, after the rough grading is 100% complete and the site is ready for inspection
  • For PW inspector’s clearance to allow issuance of a C of O, after the precise grading (and if applicable, the onsite/offsite public improvements) are 100% complete and the site is ready for final inspection


  • It is important that these inspections be scheduled timely, so as to not delay the project schedule.
  • Bring all applicable grading certificates and reports to the inspection appointment. Without these documents, the inspection cannot be completed.

Utility Company Clearance

For PW inspector’s clearance to allow issuance of a C of O, obtain clearances from independent utility companies (i.e., Rancho California and Eastern Municipal Water Districts). It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the utility agencies directly to obtain their clearances. Without the utility clearances, PW cannot provide clearance to allow issuance of C of O.

Final Steps

Once the PW inspector’s clearance is granted as well as the PW engineer’s clearance of the COA (and for C of O - the utility clearances), confirm that all other City departmental (i.e., field and COA) clearances have also been granted. Only then, anticipate obtaining the building permit or C of O from B&S.