Temporary Sign Permits

A temporary sign is intended to temporarily promote, advertise, announce or identify a business or event for a limited period of time.
  • Temporary signs are removed after the time period for which it is allowed to be up elapses.
  • Temporary signs require the approval and issuance of a Temporary Sign Permit prior to the sign being placed on the building or site.
Types of Temporary Signs
  • Grand Opening Sign - A sign that displays the words "Grand Opening" to announce the opening of a new business
  • Interim Sign - A sign intended to provide signage while the permanent sign is being fabricated, repaired, or prepared for installation
  • Temporary Promotional Sign - A sign intended to attract attention to a use or activity for a limited number of events:
    • Attached Promotional Sign - A sign that is mounted or attached to the permanent building where the business activity is conducted
    • Detached Promotional Sign - A sign partially attached to the building where the business activity is conducted, or is securely attached to a temporary frame that contours all four sides of the sign
    • Temporary Promotional Window Signs - Signs located on non-door window surfaces
  • Temporary Special Event Sign (detached and attached) - A sign for special community activities or season events
Criteria & Requirements
Development Code Section 17.28.600 outlines the requirements for temporary business advertising signs in commercial, office and industrial districts.

The Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF) also includes a Temporary Sign Criteria Matrix which outlines the Temporary Sign requirements for the various types of temporary signs.

Obtaining a Permit
Permit Fees
There is a $27 permit fee. This fee shall be paid upon application submittal.