Obtaining Sign Permits

Signage requires review from the Planning Department and permits from Building and Safety Department.

Obtaining Sign Approval

  1. Hire a licensed contractor to design, install, and permit your signage. Drawings should be to scale and drawn in accordance with the development code or sign program criteria and requirements.
  2.  Bring 3 color copies to City Hall to have a planner review and approve your signage proposal.
  3. Approval is typically done over the counter for the Planning Department. Planning does not collect a fee to approve signage over the counter.
  4. Once planning approves your sign you will need to obtain a building permit. Building permit fees are due at permit issuance.

Requirements & Standards

In Temecula, Signs are regulated in three different manners, this includes:

Do you need to know how your property will be regulated? Contact our Planner of the Day at 951-694-6444.


Types of Signs

More Information

If you have any questions regarding signs, please contact the Planner of the Day at 951-694-6444.