Massage Permits

Massage Establishment Permits (MEPs) are required for any person wishing to open or operate a business with massage services. 

Permit Process

The process for obtaining a Massage Establishment Permit is as follows:

  1. Prospective applicants should review the City of Temecula's massage ordinance prior to applying for Massage Establishment Permit
  2. Review and complete our Massage Establishment Permit Application (incomplete applications will not be accepted)
  3. Come to the Permit Center with your completed application and fees
  4.  Staff will provide additional guidance for "next steps" based on the contents of your application.
  5. If approved, establishments will need to obtain separate approvals. 

Separate Approvals

All businesses within the City of Temecula are required to obtain building permits and occupancy for their space. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  1. If construction is occurring, a building permit will be required
  2. If no construction is occurring, a non-construction certificate of occupancy permit will be required (this applies to all ownership, name, and location changes, too). 

Note: Massage Establishments that have change ownership, name, or location must apply for a new Massage Establishment Permit.

More Information

For more information, contact the Planning Department at 951-694-6400 or the Police Department Massage Coordinator, Suzi Lopez, at 951-696-3186.