Codes, Plans, Policies & Standards

  1. Citywide Design Guidelines

    The Community Design Goals and Policies provide a framework to achieve quality and compatibility in the physical design of the City.

  2. Development Code

    Read the full Development Code for Temecula.

  3. Dirt Road Policies & Agreements

    Documents related to the City of Temecula's Dirt Road Policies & Agreements

  4. General Plan

    Considered a blueprint for development in the City, the General Plan provides long-term policy guidance for the community’s physical, economic, social and environmental changes.

  5. Multi-use Trails and Bikeways Master Plan

    The City of Temecula's comprehensive Multi-use Trails and Bikeways Master Plan

  6. Planned Development Overlay Districts

    Find out what overlay districts are and access more informational documents.

  7. Specific Plans

    A Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning and zoning document for a defined geographic region of the city.

  8. Zoning

    Check out maps and more information regarding zoning in Temecula.