100 Mile Swim

We are challenging you to swim 100 miles in just one year!  Keep track of how far you swim each day at lap swim on a personal 100 Mile Swim tracker sheet. If you complete all 100 miles in one calendar year you receive a 100 Mile Swim t-shirt.

Program Information 

How it Works


  • Complete online registration on the online catalog.
  • Pick-up a personal tracking sheet from a lifeguard at the check-in table during lap swim.
  • The tracker sheet is where you will be able to track how far you swim each day (instructions are on the sheet).


  • Once you complete all 100 miles you will get your free t-shirt.
  • To get your t-shirt, just ask the lifeguard who is not on surveillance.

The Rules

  • All laps must be completed in a City of Temecula pool during lap swim hours.
  • Lap Swim fees do apply, but there is NO cost to participate in the program.
  • Laps must be completed before the last day of the year for them to count.
  • Cheating is strongly frowned upon.
  • Bragging (when finished) is strongly encouraged.

100 Miles in the Pool

Here is what 100 miles means when you are swimming it in a pool...
Our pools in Temecula are 25 yards long, meaning that from one end to the other is 25 yards. If you swim that distance it is considered swimming the length of the pool. If you swim from one side to the other AND back, that is a lap and is 50 yards.
  • 100 miles = 176,000 yards
  • 1 length = 25 yards
  • 1 lap = 50 yards
So when swimming 100 miles in one of the City pools, it is equivalent to:
  • 7,040 lengths
  • 3,520 laps
That's a lot of swimming!