Abandoned Properties (Residential)

Abandoned Property Ordinance

The City of Temecula enacted Ordinance No. 08-04 which took effect on August 8, 2008.
  • The new Ordinance adds Chapter 8.44 to the Municipal Code.
  • The ordinance presents the description of abandoned properties and the requirements for foreclosed property owners to register the property with the Riverside County Recorder’s Office within 30 days.
  • Additionally, in 30 days the beneficiary or trustee of the property must fill out the Abandoned Residential Property Registration Form available from the City of Temecula.

Owner Responsibilities

This form gives the City of Temecula both the current owner’s information and the property management company’s information. The property owner is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property as outlined in Section 8.44.050:
  • All Properties within the City shall be kept free of weeds, dry brush, dead vegetation, trash, junk, debris, building materials, any accumulation of papers or documents, except those required by federal, state or local law, and discarded personal items, including but not limited to, furniture, clothing, appliances, printed materials or any other items that contribute to the appearance that the property is abandoned.
  • All properties within the City shall be maintained free of graffiti, tagging or similar markings by removing or painting over the graffiti with an exterior grade paint that matches the color of the exterior of the structure.
  • Visible front and side yards shall be landscaped and maintained according to the standards set forth in the Temecula Municipal Code and applicable land use approvals for the property in question. Maintenance required for visible front and side yards also includes, but is not limited to, regular watering, cutting, pruning and mowing of landscape and removal of all yard trimmings.
  • Pools and spas shall be secured with approved fences and devices as required by the California Building Code (a fence around the yard or pool at a height of 5 feet with a self-latching gate: gate locks are not required) Pools and spas shall be drained and kept dry or kept in working order so that the water remains clear and free of pollutants and debris.
  • All properties within the City shall be maintained in such a manner so as not to constitute a public nuisance pursuant to Section 8.12.020 of the Temecula Municipal Code.

Submitting the Form

You may fill out the form on line and submit it electronically or you may come in to City Hall and pick up a copy to turn in. Additionally, you can send by mail or fax to 951-694-6487. Any changes in the information on the form must be updated within 30 days and also renewed annually on the registration date.