Water Exercise Classes

Aqua Fit
Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 
I Year-round
Taking Water Aerobics to the next level with this moderately intense exercise class which uses aerobic moves with the resistance of the water to increase cardiovascular heath and muscle strength.

Aqua Combo

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings  I Year-round
A great way to start your day! This combination deep/shallow water aerobics class will jumpstart your cardiovascular workout, warm up your muscles through resistance training, and finish with morning stretching to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Shallow Water Aerobics

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings  I Year-round
Low-impact but high energy!  Take advantage of the aquatic environment to energize your workout routine.  Class incorporates cardio, resistance training and aqua yoga moves to increase flexibility.

Monday and Wednesday Evenings in the Summer I Seasonal 
Through fusion of aerobic exercises and high energy dance-based choreography participants will tone muscles and improve cardiovascular health in a fun, upbeat environment.

Deep Water Power Hour

Saturday Mornings I Seasonal - April - October
Jogging and kickboxing meet the water in this moderate to high intensity workout.  Class is taught in the deep water with a focus on cardio and powerful resistance moves all while working the core.

Water Walking

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings in the Summer I Seasonal
Just like it sounds... walking in water!  An easy, safe and effective way to increase fitness, endurance and muscle strength.  One mile of walking int he water is similar to walking two miles on land and burns twice the calories!

Try any class for free for the first time!  Simply attend a class and talk with the instructor before class begins.