Purchasing & Contract Administration

Are you interested in doing business with the City of Temecula or would like to view current bid opportunities?
It’s simple! Register as a vendor and you will receive an email notification when the City is interested in purchasing your product or service. You can also view any current bid opportunities and then submit your bid electronically.

If you run into any technical issues related to electronic bidding, please feel free to contact the City’s online bid management provider, PlanetBids, at 818-992-1771. Their friendly customer service representatives are eager to help you to register as a vendor, update your passwords and profiles, upload/download your documents, and submit your electronic bids and proposals.

Already Registered

Great! The City’s Accounting and Purchasing division assists City departments by reviewing and approving all vendor contracts, purchases orders, and insurance certificates (related to contracts and purchase orders) to ensure compliance with the City’s Municipal Code, the State of California’s Public Contract Code, and to reduce liability exposure. The City’s Purchasing staff is ready to serve you!

Purchasing Guidelines

The City makes every effort to remain transparent, competitive, accountable, and responsive. Here is a copy of the City’s Purchasing Guidelines (PDF).

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Here is a copy of the City's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF).


Ready to start work for the City but you need to provide insurance? Visit the City’s Insurance page for more detailed information.

Preference to Local Businesses

Yes! In an effort to address the needs of the City and the business community, the City adopted a Local Vendor Preference Program (TMC 3.28, TMC 3.32), effective July 14, 2012. The program provides a preference to Temecula businesses interested in bidding on supplies, materials, equipment, public projects, and contractual services solicited by the City:
Purchase Item Purchase Limits Preference
Materials, Supplies, and Equipment Purchases over $5,000 5%
Public Projects (Public Works) Purchases up to $45,000 5%
Services (Professional and Maintenance) Purchases over $30,000 5%

How This Works

A local vendor that submits a bid for materials, supplies, equipment, and public projects within 5% of the lowest bid (non-local vendor) will be awarded the bid if they are willing to reduce their bid to the lowest bid amount. Moreover, for solicitations that are based on criteria other than lowest price (e.g. Professional Services - where experience, quality, schedule, etc. may be additional factors), a 5% preference will be added to the final evaluated local vendor score. Specific information is provided with each bidding opportunity.