Photovoltaic Systems


We have updated our online PV documents. As of February 1, 2017, we will only accept the 2016 Code version of these documents. Please refresh your bookmarks and browsers to download the updated forms. 
Two options are available for photovoltaic (PV) plan check:
  • Standard: All  PV systems may be submitted through our standard in-person process (10-12 business days)
  • Online: Qualifying* PV systems may utilize our expedited online process (3 business days)

 General Meter Adapters (GMA) are NOT eligible for expedited reviews. A paper application will be required.



Please read our online photovoltaic instructions. Submissions that do not meet our minimum requirements will be rejected.

Required Online Standard Photovoltaic Plans (UPDATED 1/12/2017)
 Single String Systems (PV-1A) (PDF)
 Micro Inverter Systems (PV-1B) (PDF)
 Two String Systems (PV-1C) (PDF)

Online Submittals

Use the Online Submittal Form  to submit your City Standard Plans. Please read the above instructions prior to submitting.