Photovoltaic Systems

Two options are available for photovoltaic (PV) plan check: 

  • Standard (Paper): All  PV systems may be submitted through our standard in-person process (10-12 business days)
  • Online: Qualifying* PV systems may utilize our expedited online process (3 business days)


 General Meter Adapters (GMA) are NOT eligible for expedited reviews. A paper application will be required.

Standard  (Paper)


Please read our online photovoltaic instructions. Submissions that do not meet our minimum requirements will be rejected. 

Required Online Standard Photovoltaic Plans (UPDATED 1/12/2017)
 Single String Systems (PV-1A) (PDF)
 Micro Inverter Systems (PV-1B) (PDF)
 Two String Systems (PV-1C) (PDF)


We will be updating our online solar process/system in the next few weeks. We encourage you to attend our free workshop that will provide training for our new system. The event details are as follows:

New Solar Portal Training

When is the event?


8:30 A.M. TO 10:00 A.M.

Where is the event? 

City of Temecula Conference Center

41000 Main Street, Temecula, CA 92590

Who is this for?
Solar contractors/permit runners

What is this about?
Our new online solar permitting system

Why should I attend?

  • Pre-register for your account
  • Learn about the new system/process
  • Ask questions/give feedback
  • Snacks will be available (yum!)

Use the Online Submittal Form to submit your City Standard Plans. Please read the above instructions prior to submitting.