Photovoltaic Systems (PV)

All photovoltaic systems are required to meet our Residential Photovoltaic Requirements (PDF) and digital submittal requirements (PDF) (updated January 1, 2022).

Two options are available for PV plan check:

  • Regular: All PV systems may be submitted through our regular process (10-12 business days). Plans that are not City Standard Plans will not receive expedited review.
  • Expedited: Qualifying City Standard Plans PV systems may utilize our expedited  process (3 business days)
Required City Standard Plans for Expedited Review 
Single String Systems (PV-1A) (PDF)  Plans Updated 04/06/2023
Micro-Inverter Systems (PV-1B) (PDF) Plans Updated 04/06/2023
Two String Systems (PV-1C) (PDF)  Plans Updated 04/06/2023

Initial Submittals

  1. Review our residential photovoltaic requirements and digital submittal requirements
  2. Review our online photovoltaic instructions
  3. Decide whether you will use City Standard Plans (eligible for expedited review) or regular plans (not eligible for expedited review).
  4. Submit via our online submittal form.


A resubmittal is a re-submission of plans that have a correction. Resubmittals must be completed under the original permit number. Do not submit a new application for a resubmittal. Login to the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal  and upload your updated plans.


A revision is an alteration to an approved or issued permit. If you would like to submit a revision online, you will need to:

  1. Fill-out our PV Revision Request Form
  2. Once contacted by staff, you will need upload your plans in the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal under the original  permit.