Property Tax Assessments

The City of Temecula and Temecula Community Services District (TCSD) is committed to providing its residents with high quality parks and recreation facilities and services that the community can be proud of.

The residents of Temecula have committed to assisting the City in funding these facilities and services. What type of assessments does the City of Temecula levy on your property tax bill?

Parks & Lighting Special Tax

The City of Temecula’s residents passed Measure C in June of 1997 and authorized the Temecula Community Services District (TCSD) to assess and collect the Parks and Lighting Special Tax. All property owners pay this tax.

Rates & Charges

The revenue generated by the Special Tax funds the following:
  • Staffing and maintenance of all parks and recreational facilities.
  • Energy costs and maintenance of arterial street lighting and traffic signals.
  • All costs associated with landscaped medians within the arterial roadways.
When this tax was passed, the rate was established at $74.44 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU).
Type of Property
Each Developed Residential Property $74.44 per parcel
Developed Multi-Family Property 0.75 EDU per Unit
Developed Commercial Property 6 EDU per Acre
Undeveloped Residential Property 2 EDU per Acre
Undeveloped Commercial Property 4 EDU per Acre
For more information please contact Community Services at 951-694-6480