Water Heater

For safety reasons, a plumbing permit is required for all water heater installations and replacements.

Code Requirements

There are very specific code requirements governing items such as:

  • Bracing requirements (PDF) (you may also purchase a bracing kit at a local hardware store)
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve requirements
  • When to elevate a water heater
  • Where a water heater can be located

Tankless Systems
Tankless water heaters have significantly different gas line sizing requirements than a traditional water heater system. Our Tankless Water Heater Handout details our minimum submittal requirements, standards and other important details.

Plans and Permits
Traditional water heater systems require a Building Permit Application, a detailed description of the system (i.e.; 40 gallon/ 40,000 BTU/ gas water heater), and fees. Like for like replacements (same size, location, and fuel source) generally do not require plans.

Tankless water heaters require plans that are detailed in our Tankless Water Heater Handout, a detailed description of the system (i.e.; 9.5 GMP/ 190,000 BTU/ tankless gas water heater), and fees.

After the appropriate permits have been pulled, a final inspection is required to confirm that the system has been installed in compliance with all codes and standards.