Residential Projects

  1. Building a New Home

    Building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured, with several steps you need to take to make sure your new home complies with the local codes.

  2. Patio & Decks

    Patios and decks may require a building permit depending on orientation to existing structures and distance from the ground.

  3. Photovoltaic Systems

    When submitting photovoltaic systems you must meet our minimum requirements and 2013 California Building Code requirements.

  4. Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

    The purpose of a permit for a pool, spa, or hot tub is to assist property owners with compliance of building codes and construction standards for health and safety purposes.

  5. Remodeling Your Home

    Home remodels often require permits, from ceiling fans to structural changes, so it is best to talk to our Community Development Department to determine if you need any permits for your project.

  6. Resources for Homeowners & Contractors

    Find tips, resources, and helpful links to assist you with the permit process and understanding the ordinances and reasons for permit requirements.

  7. Roofing

    One of the most costly home maintenance tasks that homeowners may face is the replacement of the roof of their homes.

  8. Room Additions

    When adding on a Room Addition to a single-family home it is necessary to become aware of the related guidelines and requirements and obtaining the required building permits.

  9. Water Heater

    For safety reasons, a plumbing permit is required for all water heater installations and replacements.