Codes & Standards

The design and construction of all structures shall be in full compliance with Title 15 of the Temecula Municipal Code, which adopts (but is not limited to) the following codes which are adopted by reference as the building codes of the City of Temecula:

California Building Code & Temecula Municipal Code

California Codes
Temecula Adoption and Amendments
2019 California Building Code
Temecula Municipal Code 15.04
2019 California Historical Building Code
2019 California Electrical Code
2019 California Mechanical Code
2019 California Plumbing Code
2019 California Administrative Code
2019 California Energy Code

Additional Design Criteria

 Geographical Information
 Wind Speed
110 MPH/ Wind Exposure-C
 Seismic Zone

 Rainfall3" Per Hour 
 Climate Zone


Lighting Ordinance Special Note
Riverside County Ordinance No. 655 LED Lights should be Dark Sky Compliant fixtures that are fully shielded and must have a color rendition of 3,000 Kelvin (K) or below.