I-15 / French Valley Parkway Improvements

Map of French Valley Parkway Interchange


Reduce congestion and improve safety by relieving the I-15/Winchester Road interchange and minimizing weaving movements on I-15 between Winchester Road and the I-15/I-215 Junction.


  • A new arterial, French Valley Parkway, connecting Jefferson Avenue and Ynez Road
  • A new interchange connecting French Valley Parkway to I-15
  • A new collector/distributor system along I-15 between Winchester Road and the I-15/I-215 Junction
  • Modifications to the I-15/Winchester Road interchange such as ramp widening for additional lanes

Phasing (3 Phase Implementation)

Phase I

Shown in red on aerial map. Construction was completed in 2014.  This Phase targeted the delays at the southbound exit for Winchester Road.  Prior to construction, the line of cars would extend onto the freeway and back towards the I15/I215 Junction.  This project widened the off-ramp at Winchester Road and created a new off-ramp at French Valley Parkway.  By increasing capacity of the Winchester Road off-ramp and adding an alternative off-ramp at French Valley Parkway, vehicles can more easily exit the freeway and traffic flow on the freeway is improved and safer.

Phase II

Shown in blue on aerial map. Designed to provide interim relief by constructing the northbound collector/distributor system along I-15.

  • Phase II Status: Under construction May 2023 - February 2025.
  • Phase II Contact: Avlin R. Odviar, City of Temecula Project Manager 951-693-3969 or Avlin.Odviar@TemeculaCA.gov

Phase III

Shown in green on aerial map. Future Work: Designed to provide ultimate relief by constructing the balance of French Valley Parkway from Jefferson Avenue to Ynez Road, the full interchange connection to I-15, and the southbound collector/distributor system along I-15.