Risk Management Division

Mission Statement

The mission of the Risk Management Division is to identify, assess, and manage the impacts of operational risk on city government business by having policies in place to protect City personnel, property, and liabilities.

Liability Claim Form

Cost Recovery

If you have caused damage to City property, if appropriate, please file a report with the Police Department, then contact the Risk Management Division to make arrangements for payment. The cost estimation will be assessed by the Public Works Department and other appropriate parties if necessary.

Pre-Approved Vendor List

Individuals interested in renting a City facility may be required to provide insurance for their Vendors or Contractors. Please contact the facility you are interested in rending for a list of Vendors and Contractors that have already provided the City with proof of insurance.


Depending of the Scope of Work, Agreements typically require City vendors to obtain General Liability, Auto Liability and Workers Compensation (and sometimes Professional Liability and Liquor Liability).

Insurance requirements vary, please email the City’s Risk Management Division or call 951-693-3970

Massage Permits

Individuals interested in providing massages (technicians) or business interested in running a massage parlor (establishments) must provide proof of insurance.

Temporary Use Permits (TUPs)

The purpose of a TUP is to allow for short-term activities, typically less than one-year on duration. These activities include fairs, festivals, sidewalk sales, closing of streets, etc. If the activity is on city property or right-of-way, then the applicant will be required to provide insurance.

Special Events (Including Facility Rental)

The City must ensure that the Event Holder and their Vendors (if applicable) are insured, and that the City is named as an additional insured on their insurance policy. The Event Holders and Vendors have the following choices in obtaining insurance for their event.

Special Event Insurance Options 

  1. Personal Insurance Broker: Applicant may purchase insurance through their personal insurance broker. The City’s Risk Management division will work with the Applicant as outlined in the “Obtaining Special Event Insurance” information sheet.
  2. SELIP - Special Events Liability Insurance Program: Applicant may purchase insurance online through SELIP Program with SPARTA - an insurance broker that holds a contract with the City to provide Special Event insurance. SELIP will email both the Facility Supervisor and Risk Management a copy of the Certificate of Insurance.
  3. HUB International: Purchase insurance manually through Hub International - an insurance broker that holds a contract with the City to provide Special Event insurance. The Applicant will complete and submit a written application and Risk Management will prepare a Formal Quote.