Fire Apparatus (Vehicles)

The City of Temecula utilizes many different types of fire apparatus when responding to emergencies. Each is equipped with the latest in firefighting equipment and staffed by a crew that has received the most current training available. All engines have one paramedic on board to meet the 4.0 staffing policy adopted by the City. This policy helps promote faster response times and also ensures safety of the firefighters and citizens of the Temecula community.
Fire Apparatus Used Within the City
Fire Engine (Type I)
  • 1500 GPM pump
  • 500 Gallon Water Tank
  • Assorted firefighting tools
  • Class A foam
  • Hose for structural and wild land firefighting
  • Number of frontline units: 5
  • Paramedic equipment
E 12
Fire Engine (Type III)
  • 1200 gallon water tank
  • Assorted firefighting tools
  • Class A Foam
  • Darley HE-500, single-stage pump
  • Number of frontline units: 2
E 3167
Type II US&R Unit
  • Building collapses
  • Earthquakes rescue
  • Flooding rescue
  • Trench rescues
  • Used in disaster situations
Paramedic Squad
  • Equipped to handle mass casualty incidents
  • Mostly used in City events or as a back-up vehicle
  • Number of frontline units: 2
  • Rope rescue gear 7.5 KW generator
Paramedic Truck
Ladder Truck
  • 100’ aerial ladder
  • 274’ of ground ladders
  • 6.5 KW generator
  • Crew of 4 Specialized equipment and training for:
    • Confined space rescue
    • Trench rescue
    • Swift water rescue
    • Urban search and rescue
  • Hydraulic rescue tools (jaws of life)
  • Infrared search camera
  • Number of frontline units: 1
  • Rope rescue equipment
Fire Engine With Ladder
Breathing Support
  • Carries 40 extra air bottles and can fill as many bottles as needed at any given time with 2500, 3000, or 4500 PSI.
  • Cask Aid system for air bottles
  • Medical supplies
  • Telescopic boom for lighting
  • Unit Number of frontline units: 1
Breathing Support Truck