Fire Prevention

The mission of the Temecula Fire Prevention Bureau is to preserve and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Temecula through the application of a comprehensive fire and hazard prevention program. This mission is carried out through the pursuit of the following goals:
  • Conduct public information and education programs that emphasize fire and life safety and have a strong focus on fire prevention.
  • Ensure a reasonable degree of life safety exists in all buildings through enforcement of applicable codes, regulations and standards.

Helpful Resources

Fire Inspections

This page is provided to deliver timely fire related information to those involved in the building process within the City of Temecula. The information will assist interested parties in preparing for fire system plan checks and inspections.

Needed at Time of Submittal

Annual Division
The major responsibility of the Temecula Fire Prevention Bureau is to prevent fire and save lives and property. An effective way to meet this obligation is to conduct Annual field inspections in accordance with section 103.3 of the California Fire Code. The Fire Code / Permit Inspection program developed by the Fire Prevention Bureau enhances the life safety environment of the City of Temecula by ensuring all businesses are meeting fire code requirements. This program will effect all occupancies subject to fire code regulations. The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of deaths, injuries, and property loss in the city resulting from fire.

Community Workshops 

The Annual Division would to invite our community to attend a workshop for more information on the Annual Inspection program here at the conference center located at City Hall.  For information on our community workshops, click here,