Community Programs

The City of Temecula's Fire Department works in cooperation with other organizations to bring its citizens the most current fire safety information.
Fire Safety House
The Fire Safety House is a 39 foot trailer designed to provide a mobile simulated living environment where fire and life safety training can be conducted. The City of Temecula’s Fire Prevention Department uses the trailer at numerous events throughout the year to promote and teach fire safety.

Some of the trailer’s features include smoke machines, a heated door, sprinkler system, fire alarm pull station, and an interactive kitchen and bedroom. The real life hands on learning experience provided by the trailer will ensure children build the skills necessary to save their lives and the lives of others in a fire or other emergency.
Fire Safety House
The Fire Safety House is available for community events throughout the City. Examples of community events include safety awareness presentations at: public and private schools, groups and clubs with a community focus, and large scale events such as the Rod Run and Spark of Love Toy Drive. For more information and to see if your event qualifies, contact the City of Temecula Fire Prevention Bureau at 951-694-6405.

Fire Prevention Week
Fire Prevention Week is a national event held every October to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The event began in 1957 and features a different fire safety theme each year. The devastating fire in Chicago left 100,000 people homeless and destroyed over 2,000 acres. This tragedy serves as a constant reminder of how a seemingly small fire can quickly get out of control.
Sparky the Fire Dog
Sparky the Fire Dog teaches children of all ages about the importance of fire safety. Sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, Sparky can be found at many fire education events. Find fun activities designed to teach children about fire safety.

CPR/AED & First Aid Classes
Gain valuable experience that may one day save a life.
Sparky the Fire Dog