Temecula Fire Department

The Temecula Fire Department is dedicated to the protection of life, property, and the environment. This is accomplished by following a comprehensive emergency service response program that utilizes a highly trained work force, progressive technology, modern equipment, and responsible fiscal management.


The Temecula Fire Department is comprised of 1 Division Chief, 2 Battalion Chiefs and 60 firefighting personnel that serve from 4 fire stations located within the City limits. Plan review and inspection services for development and construction throughout the City is provided by 4 Fire Prevention staff members located at City Hall. There are 3 Administrative staff members that provide support for the implementation and management of the Temecula Fire Department. The Temecula Division encompasses 3 Riverside County Fire Department stations for a total of 7 stations within the Temecula Division.

Fire Engine Personnel

The Temecula Fire Department fire engines are all 4 person staffed paramedic assessment engines which insures a minimum of 1 Paramedic and 3 EMT level personnel at the scene of all emergencies.

Fire Department Safety Tips

Happy Thanksgiving

Sadly, Thanksgiving is also the leading day for home cooking fires. In fact, three times as many home cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year.  But here’s the good news, with preparation and common sense, many home cooking fires can be avoided. Follow these simple tips to reduce the risk of fire in your home during Thanksgiving:

  • Do not leave stoves, ovens, and ranges unattended—stay in the kitchen so you can keep your eyes on the food.
  • Make sure to keep children away from the stove as the steam or splash from the food on the stove can cause
  • serious burns.
  • Roll up your sleeves or wear short sleeves while cooking so your clothes do not start on fire.
  • Set timers to keep track of cook times.
  • Keep pot holders and food wrappers away from heat sources while cooking.
  • After your guests leave, be sure all cooking appliances are off and all candles are blown out.
  • Call 9-1-1 immediately if an oven fire occurs

Please click on the links below for more safety tips and  Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. 

Be Wildfire Ready

Wildfire is coming .....Are you READY?  Check out the new CAL FIRE App, features to get you prepared for wildfire or look up fire incident information. Click on picture to read more about the features and download the App.

App art

More helpful resources to prepare you for a wildfire:

Ready, Set, GO!

The " Ready, Set, GO! " multi-media campaign has been developed by CAL FIRE to help educate and prepare the public for wildfire events. This toolkit provides an overview of graphics, public service announcements, and collateral files for fire agencies and stakeholders across the state to use to help disseminate a key message. Click here for more information.

Winter Preparedness

Please click on the brochures below for some helpful hits as you prepare for this years winter weather