Temecula Fire Department

The Temecula Fire Department is dedicated to the protection of life, property, and the environment. This is accomplished by following a comprehensive emergency service response program that utilizes a highly trained work force, progressive technology, modern equipment, and responsible fiscal management.


The Temecula Fire Department is comprised of 1 Division Chief, 2 Battalion Chiefs and 60 firefighting personnel that serve from 4 fire stations located within the City limits. Plan review and inspection services for development and construction throughout the City is provided by 4 Fire Prevention staff members located at City Hall. There are 3 Administrative staff members that provide support for the implementation and management of the Temecula Fire Department. The Temecula Division encompasses 3 Riverside County Fire Department stations for a total of 7 stations within the Temecula Division.

Fire Engine Personnel

The Temecula Fire Department fire engines are all 4 person staffed paramedic assessment engines which insures a minimum of 1 Paramedic and 3 EMT level personnel at the scene of all emergencies.

Winter Preparedness

Please click on the brochures below for some helpful hits as you prepare for this years winter weather