Community Action Patrol

The primary function of the Community Action Patrol (CAP) volunteers is to patrol the streets of Temecula, acting as the “eyes and ears” of the Temecula Police Department. The City of Temecula sponsors approximately 15 special events each year, all of which the CAP volunteers are involved in.

Other Community Action Patrol assignments include:

  • Vacation home checks and Extra Patrol requests
  • Business and shopping parking lot areas
  • Assist with crime scene security
  • Citations for handicap, fire hydrant, fire lanes, red curb, graffiti
  • Patrols for schools and parks
  • Emergency call-outs for major accidents of any kind

Requirements are

  • United States citizen or permanent resident alien
  • 35 years of age and physically capable of performing CAP duties
  • Live in the City of Temecula or nearby City of Murrieta
  • Pass a background check, submit a valid California driver’s license and proof of car insurance
  • Training will consist of 40 hours Basic Training at the Academy; 40 hours training in Logistics  and 35 hours of patrol training.
  • Applicants must be willing to contribute at least 16 hours of their time per month and attend a minimum of 7 monthly meetings per year.
  • No visible tattoos.