Special Enforcement Team (SET)/Gang Detail

Gang Detail Team

To limit the development of gangs within the city of Temecula, law enforcement actively pursues any and all persons involved or associated with gangs and quickly makes every effort to dismantle any group participating in criminal activity.  

The Gang Detail Team members have specialized training in the identification of gang members, gang graffiti, gang tattoos and criminal behavior used in furtherance of gang activity.   The officers on this team are also trained in identifying what information to document relative to obtaining criminal penalty enhancements against those who involve themselves in criminal acts to encourage, enhance or support the furtherance of any criminal street gang.  The gang detail has been successful in identifying local youth associating with or involving themselves as gang members.  

Special Enforcement Team (SET)

SET is a specialized team that pro-actively investigates narcotic activity, gang related crimes and monitors career criminals living or visiting the City of Temecula.  SET develops pro-active enforcement programs, which involves street level narcotics offenders, transient or residential gang members, transient or residential probation/parole offenders.  

In addition to being highly trained, these officers are highly skilled at working undercover and flushing out criminal behavior related to the use of illegal drug possession and sales.  Every year, this team takes hundred of pounds of marijuana off the street as well as large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, Ecstasy, cocaine, Fentanyl and other illicit drugs.